About Us

Dog On Best is located in Cloquet, Minnesota - USA.

My name is Craig and my wife’s name is Connie and we live with a Jack Russell named Benny.

My wife can be found trying to catch poor Benny, with something new for him to try on; of course Benny knows this and the game is afoot! We keep Benny fed & watered & he keeps us laughing & exercised.

I grew up on a little farm in lower Michigan. My parents were blessed with three girls & myself, the only boy.

I had a dog named Laddie a German Shepherd-Collie mix, it was he & I against the world!

I have fostered a deep love for dogs all of my life and I have never been without one.

When we say we’re Dog On Glad you’re here, what we’re really trying to say is; the love for our dogs binds each of us together as the "Hound ~ Bound”.

Dog On Best is our way of saying, come on in, sit a spell...let’s talk dogs. 

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